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No really - it was clean last week...

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Montana NTRAK

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Soooo -- Where the Heck Have I Been??

Besides moving not once but twice (with absolutely NO modeling space whatsoever, although that's finally changed), not fly fishing enough and working more than enough...

That should almost cover it. Other than that, my wife, kids and cat are doing great, there's a new train store right here in Bozeman, MT., and the updates to this site have now begun. Be patient, however - I'm still in the process of pulling site files out of mothballs and putting them here on the new machine. As always, stay tuned...

Oh yeah - the new train store:

Mr. Choo Choo's. Phone #: 406-556-1300. Web link to follow shortly. They've only been open for a month and a half and are getting popular - fast. If you live anywhere near Bozeman or are simply passing through, give them a call and stop by!!

The Hackitup Model Photo Gallery:

Updated - Digital photos of some of my projects. Take a peek.

The Original Home Page:

Newly Updated!! - Explanations as to my whereabouts, etc.

My End of the Hobby:

In case you were curious about the evil clown running the show here. Also, Hackitup - Why??
New - Vehicles. It's always cool to find another hobby, especially when it enhances the one you're already involved with!
The Mother of all Finish Discussions - Fresh from the "spew" files, a few notes on paint.
Weathering tips, tricks, etc.
The Freedom From Plastic Knuckle Couplers Coalition.
One Mans' Opinion - Being reworked...
One Mans' Opinion II - Railroad Modeling vs. RTR.

Need Info??

Everything you wanted to know about Athearn Drives. Also covers other makes, too.
The Hackitup Info Guide - Resources that I've used on some of modeling my projects.
Tools - About, Techniques, Etc. - Beginners, check this out! New section added about airbrushes, too.
Prototype Photos.

Points Beyond:

Updated!! - Links - More new ones added - under constant modification - check 'em out.

Oh, by the way:

All the material within this site (with the exception of the Railfan link and the counter, which are used by permission) is the sole property of T. William and Tammy Anderson (© 1999-2007). If you want to copy, quote, or utilize anything contained within, no problem - get our permission first and make everybody happy. Several people have/will be contributing to this site - same rule applies. 'Nuff said - ENJOY!!

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